Past Exhibitions

29 April 2023


Alban Rail - Appleton Dene - Ashhurst Brickworks - Rossiter Rise - Fintonagh - Freshwater - Southwark Bridge - Exebridge - Poetry in Motion - Mosquito Falls - Shabbey Road - Moth Eaton - Havil Junction

Displays, Traders & Preservation Societies

LCGB - RCTS - Joe Lock - Kevin's Trains - Keith's Model Railways

 23 April 2022


Alban Rail - Nonsuch - Kinross - Warren Hill - Crocklemouth - Little Salkeld - Brent Eleigh - Rixworth Green - Harvey's Wharf - Middleton-in-Teesdale - Swchwungischerplatz - Shabbey Road - Frindsbury Hill - Havil Junction

Displays, Traders & Preservation Societies

St Albans Signal Box - LCGB - RCTS - Joe Lock - Kevin's Trains - Keith's Model Railways

 2021 Cancelled due to Covid

 2020 Cancelled due to Covid

 13 April 2019


Alban Rail - Belbroughton - Rokeby - Anzdorf - Sabin's End - Bobsden - Coleford - Ruhestand Weg - Priory Lane - Middleton-in-Teesdale - Cheriton Bishop - Shabbey Road - That Dam Railway - Butley Quay - Havil Junction

Displays, Traders & Preservation Societies

Battle of Britain Loco Society - LCGB - RCTS - John Dutfield - Joe Lock - Peter Cowan Books - Kevin's Trains

 21 April 2018


Albanrail - On Picasso Lines - Dentdale - Sandmarsh - Gas Lane - Aldermouth - Mill Falls - Notso - Simply Narrow Gauge - Mosquito Falls - Addison Park - Shabbey Road - Yello Ridge Mine - Mulldale - Havil Junction

Displays, Traders & Preservation Societies

LCGB - RCTS - John Dutfield - Joe Lock - Peter Cowan Books - Kevin's Trains

 22 April 2017


Passage Lane TMD - Stratfield - Kilwinnoch - Roso Road - Red Hook Bay - Saltfleet - Wensleydale - Deansmoor - Fry's Halt - Middleton - Bideford Light Railway The Wagon Works - Shabbey Road - Havil Junction

Displays, Traders & Preservation Societies

Epping and Ongar Railway - LCGB - RCTS - John Dutfield - Joe Lock - Len Bunning Books - Kevin's Trains

23 April 2016


Albanrail - Snow in the Glen - Ditchfield Treacle Mine - Pelham Street - Hardwick Road - Buntingford & West Mill - Happisburgh Goods - Dorivale - Ludwick Shed - Sankley Mosquito Falls - Poetry on 45 - Under Hockney Skies - Shabbey Road - Havil Junction

Displays, Traders & Preservation Societies

Southgate Auctions - LCGB - RCTS - John Dutfield - Joe Lock - Len Bunning Books  

25 April 2015

Arlingham - EM Gauge
Bankfield Road - 0 Gauge 
Fullers Wharf - 0 and 016.5 Gauges
Havatry - a hands on Shunting Puzzle layout.
Havil Junction (1930's era) - 00 Gauge 
Holbeach Estates Railway - OO9 Gauge
Loughborough Road - 00 Gauge
Masbury - N Gauge, S&D main line (First Showing)
Middleton-in-Teesdale - 00 Gauge, LNER branch line terminus (First showing)
Plas Halt - 009 Gauge
Shabbey Road - 00 Gauge (Underground Ernie operating layout for children)
Soggy Bottom Lumber - 0n30 and 0n18 Gauges 
Stanham Quay - 00 Gauge
Tolzdorf - N Gauge

Displays, Traders & Preservation Societies included Albanrail, Deltic Preservation Society, DHMRS Member sales, Jo Lock, John Dutfield, LCGB, Peter Cowan books, RCTS, UK Railtours.

Bankfield Road                                                Fullers Wharf                                                    Legoland

26 April 2014


03.24 8-8-63, 0 gauge, A Diorama with a Difference - The great train robbery only shown at a few exhibitions, collecting money for charity. Luton MRC
Bideford Light Railway & Classic Car Club, G Scale - An indoor "garden" layout with a display of classic cars
Bringing the History of Smallford Station to Life, N gauge, local interest layout and display
Dawton New Street, 2mm scale, Spalding MRC

Frys Halt
, 00 gauge a fictitious heritage railway 3rd rail Southern Region, DHMRS
Greystock Junction, 00 gauge, Waveney Valley MRC
Grumstick and Dipplewick, 0/16.5 gauge, Spalding MRC
Havil Junction, 00 gauge - trains & trams (running in the last days of steam), DeHavilland MRS

Hoath Hill Halt, 3mm gauge, Peter Bossom - 3mm Society/Uckfield MRC

Lyne Castle, 00 & 009 gauges, Andrew Dwight
Lofthole Oil Terminal, N gauge, Jon Dean
Shabbey Road - A new Drive It Yourself layout, proceeds in aid of the Isobel Hospice
Stodden Hundred Light Railway, 0 gauge, Andrew Jones - Luton MRC

Displays, Traders & Preservation Societies included Albanrail, Deltic Preservation Society, DHMRS Member sales, Jo Lock, John Dutfield, John Polley/Metromodels, LCGB, Peter Cowan books, RCTS, St Albans Signalbox Preservation Trust, UK Railtours.
Stodden Hundred Light Railway
Lofthole Oil Terminal
Hoath Hill Halt

20 April 2013

Bramble Bottom, 00 gauge, A Rail System constructed and operated by mice! St Neots MRC
Branksdowne Junction, N Scale, BR mainline junction & Railfreight depot, Braintree & Halstead MRC
Dagnall, 00gauge, small hidden fiddle yard to branch line L.M.S. & early BR terminus, John Page
Foxup, EM gauge, Midland branch terminus near Skipton, Ray Hammond
Fry's Halt, 00 gauge, Mike Hillman
Havil Junction, 00 gauge, NER/MR Main line with trams, DHMRS
Hobbs Warren, 0 gauge, An East Anglian engine shed between 1948-1985 , 31A Cambridge MRC
Kadeleigh, 00 gauge, South Devon Railway/GWR, Basildon MRC
Meon Combe, N gauge, A Southern electric line in the 1970's, John Davy
Thomas the Tank Engine, 00 gauge, pay to drive layout in aid of Charity, DHMRS
Tedburn St Mary, 00 gauge, A GWR branch near Exeter in 1947, South West Herts MRS
Willowbrook Marsh, 0 gauge, Late 1950s to mid 1960s BR Midland & Eastern Region, small goods depot & maltings complex, Luton MRC

Displays, Traders & Preservation Societies included Albanrail, Deltic Preservation Society, Jo Lock, John Dutfield, John Polley/Metromodels, LCGB,
London Buses, RCTS, UK Railtours
Bramble Bottom
Willowbrook Marsh
Fry's Halt


21 April 2012

America in the 20s
, G gauge, USA & Canadian - 1920s 
Bideford Light Railway, G gauge, NG tourist line with Classic Car display, Julian Butcher (DHMRS)
Brickton, A Lego Railway & Layout, Ben Heath
CAMRA, 00 gauge, Vintage Hornby Dublo 3 rail, Arthur Cruttenden (DHMRS)
Crickey, 00/H0 gauge, Tram Preservation site, Peter Boyt
Dowdam International, N gauge, Dutch airport layout 1990-2000, Jonathon Wilkins
Havil Junction, 00 gauge, NER/MR Main line in 1950-68 with trams, DHMRS
Havilland City, G gauge, "Western" USA & Canadian - 1890's (proprietary Albanrail)
Hutchinson Sidings, H0 gauge, US rail yard 1976-95, Ian Allington
Jupiter Depot, N gauge, Continental/UK country factory sidings, Andrew Starr (DHMRS)
Lynth Haven, 0 gauge, Scottish LMS branch line, Darren Bilcock (Letchworth MRS)
Mosquito Falls, On30 gauge, Canadian logging in the 20's, DHMRS
Norgate, N gauge, BR 1930-67, Tim Page (Milton Keynes MRS)
Pamsdown, 00 gauge fictitious Southern Railway branch, Mike Hillman (DHMRS)
Perfection & Boulder Creek, On30 gauge, American (USA) logging layout, Malcolm Brown (Hoddesdon Model & Railway Club)
Roundhouse, H0 gauge, Western US steam depot in the 1950s, Ian Lampkin
Thomas, 00 gauge, pay to drive layout in aid of Local Hospice, DHMRS
Wyke, 0 gauge, LMS Gloucestershire 1930-65, John Page (3 Counties MRS)
Traders & Preservation Societies included Alban Rail, Battle of Britain Loco Society, Deltic Preservation Society, Electronix Connections, Great Northern Railway Society, Jo Lock, John Dutfield, LCGB, RCTS and UK Railtours. Plus there was a display of weathering by David Cross (DHMRS).

50 Years!

As it celebrated 50 years since it's foundation, the society endeavoured to show in the exhibition that it's still a live and evolving group by including as many of it's layouts, or those owned by it's members, as possible.

In recognition of this achievement pride of place must go to the Societies Havil Junction layout, shown here, which was also started 50 years ago.
And we still like running trains on it!

16 April 2011


This year a lift had been installed allowing disabled access to the 1st floor. The attendees were:

Abbey Road, 00 gauge, current day London Underground, John Polley: Metromodels
Binns Road, 00 gauge, vintage 3 rail Hornby-Dublo, DHMRS
Buntingham, P4, LNER branch Terminus, Ray Hammond
California Coast, Z Gauge, USA,SP & UP mid 60's to Present Day, Dave Dawes (NMRA)
Condicote, 00 gauge, Worcestershire branch terminus, Robert Vaughan
Cwmdu, Narrow Gauge Mine Railway (down t’pit), Nick Wright
Elkington-on-Sea, 0-16.5, Seaside tram system, Roger Elkin (Enfield Town MRC)
EMsend, EM gauge, Rural terminus, Brian Hayward (Bishops Stortford MRS)
Havil Junction, 00 gauge, 1952-60 BR(MR), DHMRS
Havilland Falls, G gauge, proprietary Albanrail
Hercules Castle, 009, Industrial narrow gauge (UK), Danny Figg (Bed & Bucks 009 Group)
Konigsheim, H0 gauge, German Alps 1907-1915, Paul Longdon
Live Steam, G gauge (+ some electric), DHMRS
Nevereech Junction, N Gauge, BR S&D in the 1960’s, DHMRS
Rock Show, N gauge, pop concert with fairground sideshows (light effects & sounds), Geoff Ellis
Tanglewood Common, 00 gauge, West London mainline/underground station, Mike Taylor (Epping Railway Circle)
34D Hitchin Depot, 00 gauge modern MPD, DCC with sound, George Bostock
Traders & Preservation Societies included Albanrail, Deltic Preservation Society, John Dutfield, LCGB, Joe Lock, Magpie Scale Models, RCTS
Abbey Road


17 April 2010


Our 4th exhibition at Ludwick Way was given a Canadian flavour by the following attendees.

Havilland City (G) Canadian proprietary, (Albanrail)
Monte Creek (H0) Canadian main line mountain layout (Martin Spence Ely & Dist MRC)
Mosquito Falls (0N30) Canadian logging layout under construction (DHMRS)
Stoney Hill West (H0) Canadian main line & loco servicing facility (Chris Round, Wyre Forest MRC)
Traders (with Canadian stock) :- Albanrail & Railway Memories
Stoney Hill West
Yellow Ridge Mine a new Canadian layout by Nick Wright was also due to attend but due to ill health had to be substituted for by Nant-y-glo.
The other layouts and traders attending were

Gneiss Farm (GN15) Somerset NG farm (Gerry Bullock)
Havil Junction (00) 1948-52 BR(MR) (DHMRS)
Jupiter Depot (N) continental industrial diorama (Andrew Starr, DHMRS)
Larkford (0/16.5) NG terminus, Stuart Marshall (Saffron Walden MRC)
Manston Airport (00) 1950s SR airport terminus (Andy Hopper, Canterbury MRS)
Middleton (00) LNER 1930's (under modification) (DHMRS)
Spitzwiesertal (N) German Black Forest present day (David O'Rourke)
Strvmstad (H0) Swedish branch 1965 (Patrick Grace, Scandinavian Rlway Soc.)
Widnes Road (4mm fine) BR Nth-West 1986 (Paul Smith)
Nant-y-glo Mine (Gn15) (Nick Wright)
Displays were G Gauge stock, sound & computer control (Mike Lock)
Hornby Dublo stock, illustrating all 3 eras of production at Binns Road (DHMRS)
Model Railway Miscellany, the range of scales, gauges & subjects model railways covers (DHMRS)
Weathering (David Cross, DHMRS)
Traders & Preservation societies included Deltic Preservation Society, John Dutfield, LCGB, Joe Lock & Magpie Scale Models.
Gneiss Farm


25 April 2009


Bideford Light Railway (G) preservation light railway (Julian Butcher, DHMRS)
Columbia Wharf (00) Essex shipbreakers yard c1950 (Chelmsford & Dist MRC)
Dawton New Street (2mm) South Devon BR modern image (David Evans)
Dovington Camp (00) 1960s MOD depot (Paul Taylor, Nailsesa & Dist MRC)
Harchester Stabling Point (00) DCC diesel depot (John Anderson, Nailsea & Dist MRC)
Havil Junction (00) 1960s BR(MR) (DHMRS)
Havilland City (G) proprietary (Albanrail)
Kingsway Tram Subway (00) London in the 1950s (John Howe)
Mosquito Falls (0n30) Canadian Logging under construction (DHMRS)
Nevercreech Junction (N) S&D 1960s layout (DHMRS)
Peersdowne (0) BR 1950s & 60s (Bill Shackle)
Rixworth Green (EM gauge) Southern 1920s (Colin Wilson)
St Albans Abbey (2mm) LNWR 1900-14 (Peter Edmundson)
Swansea Riverside (0) GW 1950s loco maintenance (Luton MRC)
Tedburn St Marys (00) GWR branch in WWII (SW Herts MRC)
Test Tram Track (00) automated test/demo layout (Chris Cornell DHMRS)
Traders & Preservation societies included Albanrail, Chris Cornell, Peter Cowan, Deltic Preservation Society, Joe Lock, John Dutfield, Magpie Scale Models, Proops, RCTS plus displays from the Nailsea & Dist MRC and DHMRS, with a number of static displays.
Kingsway Subway
Dovington Camp


26 April 2008

Bash Street 
(0) gauge shunting puzzle (Burgess Hill MRC)
Beg Steal & Borrow Light Railway (009) British narrow gauge (Simon Auger - 009 Soc.)
Foss Landing (H0) 1920’s USA railroad (Dave & Midge Grassing)
Havilland City (G) (Albanrail)
Havil Junction (00) DHMRS's main line LNER/LMS 1950's (DHMRS)
Johannesdorf (0/16.5) Austrian NG (Peter Smith - Warley MRC)
Kings Green Wharf (N) Industrial Sidings (St Neots MRC)
Miclav (TT) E German (Mike Hillman - DHMRS)
Minories (EM) 1970s city terminus (The MRC)
Nevercreech Junction (N) S&D 1950s (Bill Shackel - Stevenage & Dist MRC)
The Broadway (2mm) 1920s East Anglian trams (Alan Lawrence - 2mm Soc.)
The Whitsend Tramway (009) Coastal NG railway (Graham & Caroline Watling)
Tram Test Track (00) Automatic tram test track (Chris Cornell - DHMRS)
Vintage Hornby Dublo (00) "New" vintage 3 rail layout (DHMRS)
Wantage (0) Light railway (Dave Cox - Crawley MRS)
World War II layout (00) Military display (Tony Cane - WWII Railway Study Group)
Zevendaal (H0) Dutch freight yard (Tom Nicholls - Carshalton & Sutton MRC)
Traders & Preservation societies included Albanrail, Chris Cornell, Deltic Preservation Society, Geoff Gamble Books, Joe Lock, John Dutfield, plus displays from the LCGB, 3mm Society, Benelux Railway Society and a number of static displays.
Whitsend Tramway
Foss Landing


29 April 2006


Our first exhibition in our new home in Welwyn Garden City, had the following attendees.

ACOL (00) Southern Railway - ex Col. Stephens line (Jez Laming)
Bideford Light Railway (G) British NG terminus (Julian Butcher DHMRS)
Dewhurst (0) LNWR/GWR joint line 1900's (Amersham MRC)
Havilland City (G) (Albanrail)
Hedge Lane (TT) BR through station (Ken Lane 3mm Society)
Micaville (H0) US modern image with operating cars (Malcolm Brown)
Miclav (TT) Eastern European (Mike Hillman DHMRS)
Mytchett Green (00) London tramways in 1930's (Gerald Warner)
Neware (00) gauge country branch (Stevenage & Dist MRC)
The Blitz (00) Wartime SE London trams & trains (Chelmsford & District MRC)
Traders & Preservation societies included Alban Rail, Deltic Preservation Society, Epping Ongar Railway, Geoff Gamble Books, Joe Lock, John Dutfield & the RCTS.
Other attractions included the Welwyn Garden City Model Engineers plus a number of static displays
Bideford Light Railway


7 May 2005


Our last exhibition in the Sports & Social Club at Hatfield. Exhibits are listed below

Chasebury (0) Industrial (Enfield Town MRC)
CAMRA (00) Hornby Dublo (Arthur Cruttenden DHMRS)
Havilland City (G) (Albanrail)
Horton (00) BR modern image (Beckenham & West Wickham MRC)
Isle of Sodor (00) Thomas the Tank (Brian Kennaby, Enfield Town MRC)
Melford (00) modern image MPD (Careless Family, Milton Keynes MRS)
Peat Bog (0 -009) NG (Basildon MRC)
Portsdown (00) tramways in 1930's (Tod Sloan)
Reedham End (00) SR/GWR (David Devon, Chris Ellicott & Philip McGovern)
Shirebeck (EM) 1970's BR freight (Marlow, Maidenhead & District MRC)
Sporle (EM) GER 1920's (31A - Cambridge MRC)
That Dam Railway (009) NG Welsh Contractors Rly. (Chelmsford & Dist MRC)
Toot Hill (H0) USA Lumber repair yard (John Geary and Malcolm Brown)
Walmington Pier Tramway (H0) (Dave Carson)
Traders included Alban Rail, Braintree Models, Deltic Preservation Society, Geoff Gamble, Joe Lock, JohnDutfield, LCGB & RCTS.
Other attractions included DEMU (Diesel and Electric Modellers United) plus a number of static displays.
That Dam Railway


1 May 2004


13th Street Yard (H0) USA freight yard (John Baggaley, Hemel Hempstead MRS)
Bash Street (0) Hands on hump shunting (Burgess Hill MRC)
CAMRA (00) Hornby Dublo (Arthur Cruttenden DHMRS)
Havil Junction (00) LMS/LNER 1930's (DHMRS)
Havilland City (G) USA 1890's (Alban Rail)
Hill End (2mm) GNR branch (Herts & Beds Area Group)
Kirkbridge (00) Modern image MPD (Les Williams)
Liftupemdorf (H0) German road vehicles with tram (John Geary)
Milldale (Z) LNER 1930's (Brian Yallop)
Nevercreech Junction (N) S&D 1950's (Bill Shackel, Stevenage & Dist MRC)
Porthmeor (00) GWR/BR 40's to 50's (Christopher Cooper)
Roman Road (00) BR 1990's (Hemel Hempstead MRS)
Sarum Road Depot (00) BR(SR) 1950's (Mike Joseph, The MRC)
Shirebeck in Emswell (EM) BR freight 1980's (Steve Grantham)
St Gennys III (16mm) Live steam (Andrew Neal, Beds 16mm group)
The Societies other layout, Middleton (00), was not on the exhibition floor but it was open for limited viewing in our nearby clubroom.
Traders and Sales Stands - Alban Rail, Braintree Models, Deltic Preservation Society, Geoff Gamble, Jo Lock, John Dutfield, Ray Mansfield & RCTS.
Other attractions included modelling demonstrations by members of Watford MRC and a number of static displays.
Sarum Road
St Gennys III


3 May 2003

Our 1st exhibition in the new Sports & Social Club

Alban Rail (G) American "Western" (Alban Rail)
Bowes Park (00) GN section LNER/BR 1930's to 1960's (Barnet MRC)
CAMRA (00) Hornby Dublo (Arthur Cruttenden, de Havilland MRS)
Dewhurst (O) LNWR/GWR joint line 1900's (Amersham MRC)
East Lynn (S) GER branch 1903 (Trevor Nunn, S Gauge Society)
Elkington on Sea - On Gauge, seaside tramway (Roger Elkin, Enfield Town MRC)
Fantazie (Z) Modern European branch terminus (Peter McConnell, Oxford MRC)
Hollies End (0 16.5) North Wales Narrow Gauge 1940/50's (Brian Stubbles)
Middleton (00) 1930's LNER (de Havilland MRS)
PETA (N) Miniature museum of transport (Bill Avery, Crawley MRS)
Stanegate (00) modern BR (Hemel Hempstead MRC)
Steinbeck (H0) USA 1960/70's (Steve Grantham, Marlow Maidenhead & Dist. MRC)
The Societies other layout, Havil Junction (00), was not on the exhibition floor but was open for limited viewing in our nearby clubroom.
Traders and Sales Stands - Alban Rail, Braintree Model Centre, Deltic Preservation Society, Geoff Gamble, Isinglass Models, Joe Lock, LCGB & RCTS.
Other attractions included a demo by UK TrainSim, a rolling stock construction demo by John Edgson plus a number of static displays.
East Lynn


4 November 2000

Our last exhibition in the old Sports & Social Club

Aythorpe St Mary (EM) East Anglian light railway (Colin Wilson)
Bath Green Park (00) Ex S&D Railway, 1950s/60s (Nth London Soc. of Model Engineers)
C.A.M.R.A. (00) Vintage Hornby Dublo (Arthur Cruttenden, de Havilland MRS)
Green Tye (00) BR Liverpool St electrified branch - 1970's (Paul Godwin, Barnet MRC)
Havil Junction (00) LMS/LNER plus trams Midlands area - 1930's (de Havilland MRS)
Live Steam Rides behind a scale Traction Engine (John Squire, Nth London Soc Model Engrs)
Lone Star (000) gauge vintage commercial model system (Eric Large)
Middleton in Teesdale (00) LNER 1930's (de Havilland MRS)
Nant-y-glo Mine (0:16.5) South Wales industrial narrow gauge (Nick Wright)
Peersdowne (0) British Railways 1950s & 60s (Bill Shackel, Stevenage & Dist MRC)
Riddleford Junction (2mm) junction station (Hemel Hempstead MRS)
Saxted 1890's GER country terminus (Ray Fricker, Herts & Beds Grp 2mm Assn)
Unserstadt (N) Swiss SBB electrified line - 1990's (Brian Silby)
Whitburn Corporation (00) Trams & buses on the NE coast - 1930's (Andrew Burchell)
Young Street Yard (H0) 1950s USA Diesels (Nth London Soc of Model Engineers)
A heavy southbound mineral train approaching Middleton Junction
Whitburn Corporation
Demonstrations - John Baggaley - modifying proprietary plastic models, Jim Armstrong - modelling techniques & machining, plus a number of static displays.

Traders & Sales Stands - Kent Garden Railways, KS Models, MR & ME, Three Counties Models, 712 Preservation Group, Deltic Preservation Society, German Railway Society, LCGB, RCTS