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As an alternative to this years exhibition I hope members will find something of interest in this programme from the first De Havilland Model Railway Exhibition held in 1965.



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The article above appeared in The Railway Magazine in May 2017. To view the full article click HERE.



by Malcolm Olver



Eccerslyke is based on the LYR line between Huddersfield and Penistone, where it met with the ex GCR Sheffield to Manchester Woodhead route, later electrified and now long closed. The Huddersfield - Sheffield line is now single track throughout.
The LYR line had a number of branches to Meltham, Holmfirth and Clayton West. I have incorporated a branch line that is representative of these lines, a very basic passenger service and minimal freight. 
The only significant difference is that the main line has a goods loop to manage the severe gradient for the Northbound coal trains. This makes for operating interest as the loop is not continuous, starting in the tunnel section. 
The Penistone line had a number of through services from Bradford Exchange to London Marylebone made up of LNER carriages. The train was hauled from Bradford to Sheffield by a LMS loco which then picked up the balancing working. This makes for some additional interest in the carriage stock I run, the actual train composition I found in the working timetable at 'Search Engine', the NRM library at York. 
The model is set in the period immediately after the Grouping, 1925-30. I don’t yet have enough carriages for this period, but with Hattons now bringing generic 6 wheeler carriages to the market, I am hoping to add six more in LYR livery to allow the more modern carriages to be pensioned off. 
Where possible I run pre-grouping locos in their early LMS liveries, although I avoid the LMS red livery for ex LYR and LNWR locos. I am after all a Crewe man as my Grandfather worked initially for the "Premier Line”, ending his career with the Civil Engineer’s Department at Crewe.   A few Midland locos do work through from time to time. I would like to have an ex-GCR freight loco to haul the pick- up goods that worked through to Huddersfield. 



The branch is operated by a LNWR 2-4-2T and a push-pull carriage. This shuttles back and to, and has a coaling and servicing siding to run into, clearing the branch platform for any shunting and run- round moves for the pick-up goods. 
Freight trains include a rake of bogie bolsters carrying girders, a long rake of chemicals tank wagons, another of petrol tanks, a rake of tar distillers tanks wagons, empty coke wagons and a 35 wagon coal train, all South Yorkshire collieries and coal agents. I have a perishables train and a newspaper train to add some interest, and several rakes of mixed goods wagons to roll slowly by. 
Buildings are a mix of Metcalf kits, most of which have been modified, and some downloaded prints. Quite a few are scratch built and there are some old Airfix kits which have been cut about a bit. The viaduct is scratch built using Slaters stone sheets and Metcalf stone printed card. Backdrops are from a number of sources, all cropped and, in some cases reprinted at different scales. A few photographs I took in Holmfirth have been used where the commercially available products cannot fill the gaps. 
The model was conceived as one to sit and watch trains roll past with the odd branch train and pick up goods to add interest. There is still quite a lot of scenic work to do, i am waiting for some warmer weather before tackling that. 
Photos are monochrome as that is how we always see the 1920s in books and magazines. It takes a lot of painting to get it right!


To view more pictures of Eccerslyke click HERE.



Comment from Barry


Keith: Well done on your report of your time on the Nene Valley. It brought back many memories of my time on the Swanage Railway as a cleaner and trainee fireman.  How can I forget lifting 5 coaches with 257 Squadron from a standing start on a rising bank without slipping! On another occasion I was riding shot gun on a dead 9F being towed towards Norden. I decided to get the ‘shot of the year’, catching Corfe Castle looking along the boiler from the cab. Just as we got to the right position the b....y camera battery failed. End of hoped for shot!


Now can anyone identify this little loco.



I think it is narrow gauge (009?). It was built as a plastic kit and at one time had a motor fitted, long since removed. I have had this loco for many years languishing in a tin box and done nothing with it. No idea where it came from. I have tarted it up and have no intention of running it. Any ideas please?
Thanks. Barry Smith


Chapter 2 of Keith's One Foot in the Smoke Box will appear in the next Newsletter. 





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In June 2011 a couple of friends and I were talking in our local pub, when I foolishly said we needed a project. The next thing I know, one of them rang me to say he had seen an old car on ebay that needed a bit of attention. I'm not sure how the rest of the conversation went but he clicked on that dreaded Buy It Now button. You will see in the picture below how foolish we were. We collected the remains and started work, after a few months our Buy It Now king decided he and his wife were moving to Norfolk leaving myself and my mate Jim to undertake the rest of the restoration. Five and a half years later the wreck turned out to be a 1935 Autin 12/6 Open Road Tourer.
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