De Havilland Aircraft

PictureDe Havilland Model Railway Society was formed by a group employees at the de Havillands Hatfield site over fifty years ago, so we have a strong interest in the de Havilland company, it's Canadian offshoot and aviation in general.

Over the years de Havilland's at Hatfield produced many famous aircraft some of which made important contributions to aviation, military and general history. On this page we illustrate just a few of the Company's famous aircraft.

Due to our unique(?) link some examples of De Havilland aircraft may be seen in the "sky" above the trains on the Havil layout!

You can see many of the actual aircraft at the de Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre nearby at Salisbury Hall, South Mimms, Hertfordshire.


de Havilland Tiger Moth

One of the classic British aircraft designs. First flown in 1931, built as a training aircraft for both civilian and military pilots, many are still in existence and being flown today.

de Havilland 88 Comet

Winner of the 11,000 mile 1934 England to Australia MacRobertson air race.      


      de Havilland Mosquito

Largely made of wood the mosquito was built by many small ex-furniture factories thus not impacting production of other WWII metal based aircraft.
It operated very successfully as a fighter, bomber and reconnaissance aircraft. Capable of outrunning most German fighters and operating at  very low level, the Mosquito produced only a small radar image forestalling current stealth technology.

de Havilland Vampire

One of the world's first jet fighters first flown in 1943. Over 800 were built and flew with nearly 20 Air Forces around the world.

de Havilland Comet

The worlds first commercial jet airliner, first flown in 1949.    


de Havilland Canada Dash 8

Last in a series of STOL (Short Take Off & Landing airliners, first flown in 1983. Built by the "offshoot" company based in Canada.