Binns Road (00 gauge 3 rail)

For some years there was a small group in the society who retreated in to corners and were heard to be muttering strange phrases. Eventually the rest of the society realised that these phrases referred to model trains and these "Hornby-Dublo" enthusiasts were invited to build a club layout.

Given the clubroom constraints it was decided that the layout had to be designed so it could be stored when not actually in use, also meaning that it is readily portable for taking to exhibitions. Being intended to display vintage Hornby-Dublo as it will be remembered by many older enthusiasts the layout uses standard set trackwork and original Hornby-Dublo buildings. To attempt the incorporation of any form of scenery was therefore felt to be breaking from the required image.


The layout is available to attend Exhibitions, it is self supporting, requiring an area of 12 foot by 6.5 foot and a minimum of three operators.
An extensive range of stock is available from the society’s members covering all eras of Hornby-Dublo production and the majority of models produced.

One of our members also has a smaller portable Hornby-Dublo 3 rail layout.