Society Layouts

 Layouts  Gauge  Portable  Details
Binns Road 00 Yes A Hornby Dublo 3 rail layout available for exhibitions
Fry's Halt 00 Yes A DCC layout excellent to show what can be achieved quickly by a newcomer to the hobby. Available for exhibitions.
Havil Junction 00 No Our permanent 00 layout, LMs LNER set in the industrial Midlands, with operating trams
Middleton 00 Yes A 00 layout, set in LNER yorkshire. Available for exhibitions.
Moth Eton 0 Yes A small freelance 0 gauge branch line terminus. Under construction.
Mosquito Falls On30 Yes A freelance Canadian logging layout, with variable configurations, available for exhibitions.
Nevereech N Retired An N gauge exhibition layout, based on the S&D. New layout coming soon.
Shabbey Road 00 Yes A hands on layout for children to operate, using Underground Ernie stock. Available for exhibitions.