Congratulations on another good show and so much depends on the effort you put into it.  Show organisers work so hard to make such events a success.   Enjoyed being with you and club members again. 21st april is already on next year's calendar.



Good to meet you yesterday. As ever your exhibition was excellent, in its range, layout and organisation. A friend who I met there told me this morning that it seemed far bigger than it actually is because it is so well worked out, puts into words my own thoughts.


Please pass on our thanks to your team. the welcome we received set us up for the day. The layout ran well and many people enjoyed chatting to us. Hope to see you all somewhere soon.



Sorry I have not been in touch sooner , just a note to say thank you for looking after us last weekend.

We both enjoyed the event and had a good time talking to the members of the public who took a great interest in the layout.